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Hey I'm Stu, a 20 year old Australian from Melbourne. I study business at Uni, majoring in Marketing and HR. I also work in a government department, and occasionally a small based Melbourne catering company.
 I'm here to post things I like and things that amuse me.

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Tonight I had my first conversation about homosexuality with my grandparents. They’ve known I’m gay for a while now but we’ve never talked about it.
My grandfather said: “I think if people have a problem with it they can go get fucked.”

And then he went even further:
“Stuart, I see you down having fun with all of your friends and sometimes I think.. I hope I’m a gay in my next life so I can be surrounded by so many beautiful girls.”

mattyedin said: How did you get to be so cute and lovely ?

Thankyou mate x

Anonymous said: What do you do to workout?

I don’t go to the gym but I do just body exercises really, like push ups, dips and chin ups.

Anonymous said: I hope you're not single because you deserve someone amazingggg. You're so sweet Stu <3

Thanks so much mate

Anonymous said: You're so nice to anons and also really cute!!! Omg


Anonymous said: A guy that i'm really close friends with told me that he gets bullied in Highschool because of his sexuality. i live in another city and i feel useless while he is suffering like that. It's really tearing me apart What can i do? It hurts

That’s horrible for him. Just support him as much as you can, there’s not much you can really do.

Anonymous said: do you realize how much easier things would fuckin be if i was just straight? why does being gay have to be so much harder -_-

You’ll get the hang of things mate, it’ll get better