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Hey I'm Stu, a 20 year old Australian from Melbourne. I study business at Uni, majoring in Marketing and HR. I also work in a government department, and occasionally a small based Melbourne catering company.
 I'm here to post things I like and things that amuse me.

Please read my FAQ before asking me questions, and when asking, please use my ask link rather than sending fanmail.

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Anonymous said: It's almost important to note when stating one's sexuality that there's not always a straight, bi, gay. Black or white. I like to refer to the Kinsey scale, which sometimes helps people define what their sexuality might be.

Yeah I like that theory

Anonymous said: I think I'm the same as the other anon. I only think about being with girls but I also find guys to be super attractive. Maybe because u just wish u looked more like them? Idk man

Yeah that could be it mate! Who knows, just because you think guys look good doesn’t mean you want to bed em

Anonymous said: Idk man.. I've only had sex with girls.. But talking with a nice guy does make me feel more comfortable. Not a turnon or anything, but I do appreciate nice male body when I see one

I think you’re just straight and can appreciate a good looking guy. I’m the same with girls.

Anonymous said: Well I'm straight and not confused and I really like you ;)

Well thanks I guess

Anonymous said: Remember when you posted that picture of you in your yellow underwear a year or two ago ahhh those were the good days

Haha two years ago at Christmas time, yea I remember

Anonymous said: I'm a straight guy. Don't know how to explain this, but I really like you..

:S I think you’re confused

I had to ask the lady at Kmart where the electric razors are and she so knew it wasn’t for my hairless face. So much judgement.

Anonymous said: hey blond guy, do you hv snapchat? And whats your favorite australian dessert?

Haha I’m not blonde? The only Australian dessert that comes to mind is pavlova, and I guess it’s alright.